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Your content is a mess: the website redesigns didn’t help, and the new CMS just made things worse. Or, maybe your content is full of potential: you know new revenue and cost-savings opportunities exist, but you’re not sure where to start. How can you realize the value of content while planning for its long-term success?

You need to find the perfect go to content strategy that will develop you to be able to:

  • Understand the business value to a content strategy
  • Find the processes and people that lead to a successful content strategy
  • Make wise and very achievable decisions about what content to make and why
  • Learn why content strategy is valuable and be able to present it to others in your organization

The step-by-step approach for doing content strategy, from planning and creating your content to delivering and managing it.

  1. Inventory you Current Content.
    1. Simple enough. Just make a list of the Title of each post and it’s URL. Use Screaming Frog Crawler for ease. Make sure and list the number of words each post has.
  2. Look at the performance data of your inventory.
    1. Social Media likes and shares do more for your data understanding than page views and bounce rate.
  3. Draw Conclusions.
    1. You now can look over everything and come to a conclusion about the best post and why they performed the way they did.
  4. Define the Audience.
    1. Maybe you are hitting it perfect right now and need to produce more of what you currently have. Maybe you are missing the boat and need to develop a different type of content.
  5. Customer Intent
    1. Having a lot of tweets can sometimes be misleading. Have you looked at the intent of your customer? The ones that converted… Buying intent is often not talked about but singularly the most important factor into driving to revenue the fastest.
  6. Build the Strategy
    1. Group keywords and phrases into an excel spreadsheet. Then make a column for dates to be published.
    2. If you get stuck on any topic just jump over to Amazon books or Quora and look at some of the best performing headlines and sub topics to get the juices flowing.


Content StategyExample: Portent’s content report

I ran a small report—about 150 pages—on the Portent site, then trimmed it even more. You can download it here to follow along, if you want.

I need to see if any content ‘sticks out’ as particularly successful. The easiest way? Just sort by various columns, looking for pages with the most tweets, Facebook likes, +1s, etc. If I find something significant, I’ll create a pretty report for it later. Have a look at content by tweets (we get this statistic from the Topsy API).

Heeyyyyy nice TweetsHeeyyyyy nice Tweets

The top 3 or four are either super-specific ‘how-tos’ or super-general philosophical, rabble-rousing stuff. They’re also all well over 1500 words, with two of them over 5,000. In fact, just about all blog content that got tweeted falls into those two categories, and have over 1500 words.

You Can Confidently Tackle Difficult Activities Like Telling Your Boss Or Client What’s Wrong With Their Content, Getting The Budget To Do Content Work, And Aligning Stakeholders On A Common Vision.

Take the goals of the company and the short term goals of the content strategy plan and put them into revenue terms. This way you can talk dollars. Show me the money. This becomes an investment into an asset instead of a tree hug with a content marketer.

Showing real data and success stories help as well. Look at you competition and run the same strategy on them.

Lay out your presentation for your boss.

  • The Competition is driving revenue with a content marketing strategy and kicking our butts. Show the data you found.
  • Here are some successes that others are having with this type of strategy. Show the data from success stories.
  • Here is what our strategy would look like. Lay out your strategy.
  • Here is how this drives to our bottom line. Show the numbers and why it is worth the investment.
  • Do you see any reason we should not go with this plan? Always make no mean yes.

The Content Strategy Toolkit – A Complete Array Of Tools And Tips For Every Challenge You’ll Face.

I know this is a complete post on the content strategy. You can’t get 900 pages into a post though. While I did not write this book, I believe that it is a great resource to have on your desk when you are completing this process. (no affiliation)


Identify Problems With Your Content And Persuade Your Bosses It’s Worth The Time And Resources To Do It Right.

Often it makes the case even more if you identify the problems you will face ahead of them finding the problems you face. By bringing up the exact reason the problem exist and the solution early it often makes the problem short lived.


Set Your Content Strategy And Decide How To Measure Success.

When you are done with your presentation you should make sure that you have milestones that will show gradual success. Also show the budget it takes (over estimate) so that you can drive traffic to the post and not count on random viral happenings.

Create, Maintain, And Govern On-Strategy Content.

Once you have a content strategy in place. Make sure you continue to manage it accordingly. You will want to constantly (once per week) update the schedule and data on your sheet.

You will want to report all findings and wins to everyone.

Have a monthly meeting to go over the data in order to keep everyone on board.

You’ll Learn To Control Your Content–And Not Have It Control You.

Once you have done this process for a few months, you will feel like finally you are in complete control. This will help you build and build on the depth of your reach with the content marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy with Dominant Link SEO

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