Best Real Estate Website SEO Practices

Improving your visibility on the web is as simple as doing a little bit of SEO. Your search engine optimization might begin with doing a little bit of on-site optimization by improving the structure of your website, the content that you are presenting, as well as outbound links to websites that are already ranking for certain keyword terms. Off-site optimization can also be done by individuals that know how to generate links pointing back to their website. However, for newbies that are simply wanting to improve their search engine rankings to get more traffic in order to sell a higher volume of real estate, you’re going to have to use a professional. Let’s look at a few more of the best real estate website SEO practices to follow, and then show you how to find experts that can do all of this for you and much more for a reasonable price.

Properly Optimizing Your Real Estate Website

The keywords that you are going to target for your particular listing should target its location, the type of home, and perhaps even its age. There is only so much that you can target, however, because people only type in keywords between three and five words for any search that they do, in most cases, when looking for real estate in certain areas. That’s why you should have multiple pages that include all of the keywords that you are trying to rank for, sprinkle throughout the text. This will help you rank higher for many different keywords, sometimes for a single page that you have put up, a trick that most SEO professionals are aware of.

Building Backlinks The Right Way

In order to get back links to your website, this can be done one of three ways very efficiently. At the top of the list, especially in the last few years, is to create videos using your exact keywords that you want to rank for, and a link back to the specific page in the description area. Due to the fact that videos rank so fast, this is going to not only help you boost your own position, but also allow people to find your video and visit your website. The other two ways to get links are to submit articles to article directories, or start posting on social media websites.

Best Real Estate Website SEO Professionals To Use

A better choice for many people is to actually use search engine optimization professionals that do this for a living. They will be able to do all of the online and off-line ranking for you, allowing you to focus on selling the real estate which is your livelihood, leaving all of the SEO up to them. This is the choice that
SEO For Real Estate Expert
most realtors make, as well as individuals trying to sell property, because search engine optimization can get quite complex. Just make sure that you evaluate the different companies that you find in regard to the packages that they offer, the prices that they charge, and how soon they will be able to deliver results.


Dominant Link SEO Offers Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO for Many Different Businesses

Dominant Link SEO makes SEO easy for business owners.

The number one goal of Dominant Link SEO is simply for the business owner to be able to sit back and relax as their website gain traffic, influence, customers, and most importantly leads or conversions.

Our SEO is totally White Hat and safe. We simply do exactly what Google wants a website to do.

Here is our process for every client:

Phase 1: Find the Buyers, Find the Offer, Find the Conversions

  • We gain an understanding of where your target customers are, online
  • We gain an understanding of what your target customers are typing in online looking for your services
  • We gain an understanding of the buying time line of your prospects and customers
  • We craft offers to fit the buying targets of your campaign
  • We Test These Offers to Find the Highest Conversions and Best Results (Phase 2)

Phase 2: Buyer (Commercial Intent) Keyword Groupings, Site Structure, Base Content Building, Competition Research

  • We take the Keywords Found and Group Them Into a Proper Site Structure that Will Show Google What We Want to Target
  • We Create the Site Structure and Initial Base Pages Needed for Proper SEO and Conversions
  • We Create the Base Pages and Their Content – Videos, Offers, Ads, Sidebar, & Internal Linkings
  • During this Process We Have Looked at Your Local and National Competitors and Their Offers
  • When Needed We Make Comparison Pages and Off Site Comparison *Review Sites* That Show Why Your Offer Is Better

Phase 3: Create Sequences (If This Then That), Create Base for SEO, Create SEO Pipeline

  • Now we Craft Email Sequences that Convert Your Customers into Leads or Buyers
  • We Test These Emails By Buying Facebook/Twitter/Google Traffic 
  • We begin the SEO Base Building – Web 2.0, Authority Post on High Profile Sites, Claim All Social Profiles, Claim Usernames On Major Sites etc… 
  • We Start Posting Links to your Various Web Profiles, Web 2’s, and Pages of the Site
  • Content Creation Begins – We Begin to Create the Post/Pages/Off Site Guest Post (Phase 4)

Phase 4: Time To Shine! – Create the Social Media Army, Create the Local SEO, Create The SEO, Tiered Link Building, Rank Tracking

  • Now the Site is Ready for Traffic and Will Be Updated Frequently
  • Build The Social Media Army for Increased Traffic and Conversions
  • Local SEO – Utilize the Right Terms, Maps, Citations, and Local Listings to Spike to The Top Locally
  • Take The Web 2’s (Indexed Now) and Boost the Production of Links Going To Them
  • Create More High Profile Post On Major Media Outlets 
  • Create Tiered Links (Links aimed at links) Throughout The Links Built and The Site
  • Install Rank Tracking For Keywords and Site as Well as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics
  • Prepare Final Traffic Plan – Plan for Paid Traffic, Advertisements, and SEO Traffic

As you can see we cover every detail for business owners. We want to make sure that the business owner feels trust in us and they can only do that if they understand the process that we take each customer through. This creates two things.

  1. They understand how to judge results when traffic and conversions are not there yet.
  2. Expectations are set so that anticipation and disappointment do not ruin the relationship.

If you are looking for the above processes then your business would benefit from the help of Dominant Link SEO.


Here are a few of the other places you can find out more about our business:

Let’s start with of course our Blog. This is a great place to see a ton of the information we have published over the years. This is wide spanning and covers a lot of categories.

Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategies are one of our specialties. This does not have to be confusing as Digital Marketing is just marketing online using the internet and various marketing pushes through digital mediums. Emails, Advertisements, PPC, and other methods of gaining traffic, brand attention, and conversions through digital mediums.

Organic SEO is where your website shows in the Google search when you type in the keyword. This is one of our most highest sought after services as this has the largest impact on your business. Different from advertising as the seeker (the person that finds your site) was actually looking for it. You are also considered an authority on that topic as they found you in the highest position on Google or the search engine. This equals higher conversions on leads that come in through this method.

White Hat SEO is Organic SEO that is just within the rules of the search engines. The reason this term was invented was because their are people that utilize tools, software, and other methods to “Play the System” and rank websites against Google’s wishes. Google wants the best sites to show for the terms that the user types in. They do not want Spamy or Slimy sites of fraudsters to show when their users type in the term. White Hat SEO is when you follow the guidelines by google in order to rank your website.

Real Estate is one of Dominant Link SEO’s core business functions. We focus on real estate because the size of the deals lead to the ability to allocate the needed funds for additional advertising methods such as digital marketing or content marketing. The biggest reason we focus on this business is because we are great at ranking these sites and the conversions are optimal for the agents. Buyers and Sellers are constantly online looking at the MLS and various properties and so to have them on your site instead of the competitors means more deals for you.

Local SEO is where you rank locally for terms. Normally your City or State Name in front of the main keyword. This is part of most of our packages and plans but we do just perform this service for clients as well. Local SEO is great for a business who’s customers are actually going to go to the business. This is when you want the people in your city to come find your business or you want to target a particular city or location in geography with the SEO.

Mortgage Companies just like Real Estate Companies are looking for buyers and sellers in the Real Estate Market. They have no need to target anyone else. Their leads are looking to buy a home or they are looking to refinance their current home. Since we know the Real Estate Market so well we also know the mortgage company market very well. These same buyers are looking for your service as a Mortgage Company.

Small Businesses that are looking to compete need to find their niche online. The more you are able to find the perfect place to sell your product or service online the higher you can climb with traffic, conversions, and customers. Grow your business online.

Your business may need a website for representation as well as an ecommerce store to sell your products. Dominant Link SEO can help guide you and set all this up for you.

Content Marketing for your business is one of the best ways to educate and get the word out about your services and offers. This process not only helps build your audience but equally helps the website with links from major media outlets and high profile sites.

Dominant Link SEO specializes in gaining the attention on your content.

SEO link building is often where business owners start with Dominant Link SEO. Instead of buying a complete package they buy a certain set of links to be built. This is best for the DIY SEO business owners. This is often due to the lack of trust that has been developed from other SEO agencies and companies that the business owner has dealt with.

Dominant Link SEO is happy to find the Links that will boost your current SEO plan.


Law Firms are also a focused segment of Dominant Link SEO. If you are an attorney and not at the top of Google then you may not realize how much business you are losing. Working with Law Firms and Attorneys in order to help them show their true credentials on Google as they are displayed to clients is very important.


We focus primarily on the United State currently but we are opening other areas so make sure and check the Service Areas to know exactly where all we can cover.


Various Marketing to consider utilizing on your business:

Need For Commercial Real Estate Property SEO

Should you be into commercial real estate property, you will want to make sure that you are competitive in your own industry. The true secret to being competitive in the industry is as simple as maintaining the changes in the industry because it concerns marketing. One of the primary shifts in the industry has been the emergence of your Internet and the changing consumer patterns. Many people are looking to the Internet for the greatest deals, to discover their next real-estate investment, as well as to find properties that they can would be interested in. This is certainly exactly why it can be essential to not only possess a website set
SEO For Real Estate Agents
up, but an internet site that ranks well in the search engines. In the following paragraphs, we shall go over several of the significant reasons why it is important to invest in commercial property SEO.

Why Should You Spend Money On Commercial Real Estate Property SEO:

1. First Page.

The truth is, when you are not on the first page in the search engine rankings for your very own respective keywords and key phrases, you might overlook a high of prospects. This is because a majority of searchers never look past page 1 of Google’s search results. In fact, a recent study revealed that the 1st result on each search generated about 33% of the clicks. Another result generated an average of 18% of your clicks, plus it only went downhill after that. You might be virtually working together with no clicks another page from organic results. Because of this it is essential to not only rank on the first page, but to rank extremely well on it so you can position your web site on the top. If somebody is trying to find new commercial property investments, you need to ensure that you happen to be first one which pops up.

2. Increased Traffic.

As noted previously, you are going to be capable of generate a ton more visitors by ranking higher in the major search engines. By purchasing SEO, you should certainly achieve greater rankings, and optimize your internet site to rank for additional keywords and key phrases. This can be ultimately likely to bring about more overall traffic and search engine results.

3. Lower Marketing Costs.

Because taking advantage of search engine optimization does not require any incremental fees, you might be capable of really experience excellent returns on investment if you purchase SEO. Aside from hiring SEO experts to do it to suit your needs, SEO does not require any more investment that will make it an extremely lucrative marketing strategy. It may actually improve your returns on investment substantially and plenty of companies and agencies actually depend upon it 100% for their marketing needs. Which is how powerful of an impact SEO may have on your own business.

As you can tell, you can find a great deal of different reasons as to why you need to put money into SEO to your business. Be sure you hire professionals to implement effective SEO strategies and enjoy new traffic and leads pour in.

Content Marketing Playbook – A 7 Step How To Guide To Growing Your Blog & Audience

Content Marketing Playbook –A 7 Step How To Guide To Growing Your Blog & Audience

When you begin your content marketing you are bombarded with what to do next. This post is going to hopefully help you break those down into a simple 7 step process in which you can execute often.

1.Know Your Audience – Find An Audience

First things first, you have to know your market and who you are going to be writing to. They are called Buyer Personas.

Finding a target market for your Buyer Personas is not nearly as hard as it sounds.

Take away the SEO terminology and you are left with a normal marketing method that has been around for years. Think of it like this. If you are looking to market a simple widget then it may sound good to say everyone would love my brownies. That is not the reality though. Even though everyone may like or even love your widgets, your marketing will fall short if you don’t target someone.

Take your Buyer Personas and Slice Them

The simplest way to get your buyer persona is to think of it on a local level. Where would your perfect candidate be located? What profession? What type of activities, interest, and or social groups? What would they type in when they are looking for solutions to the problems you solve?

Realize you want to start with people that are ready to purchase. You can work on the person that just realized they had the problem known as Population on our “marketing funnel”, after you have those closer to the bottom of the “marketing funnel” already take care of.

Content Marketing Playbook

When you have the “Prospects” taken care of you can start taking an approach with your leads. and so on until you have a lot more width in your funnel. Think about it. As people progress through the funnel they will need the answers as well in order to turn into profits. So if you answer the questions the lower part of the funnel have and then add more people by moving up the funnel with your content focus then you will not create a clog in the funnel.

If you start to high then you will find that you never push them through the funnel. They turn into prospects but you don’t have answers that advance them into profits. They get “hung” with questions about your services and end up having to field calls and emails all the time instead of the natural progression into a customer.

Now that you have identified the top candidate for your widgets. It is time to take your content and do some high level research.

2. Research – Content Marketing Is Research

You probably did a crap ton of research and read some books to understand what Content Marketing is. We understand. We have and we do the same quite often.

Research doesn’t have to be a huge task for you. There are a few quick go to places in order to research a topic and the keyword in less than a few hours.

Keyword Research for Content Marketing

  1. Google – Yeah we know it sounds like a duh but wait. Look at Adwords and then actually use the landing page you are wanting to compete with. Then take the top keywords that landing page is ranking for and look through the headline, content, and types of writing that are on each of the searches. Look for a few things. Outdated content that you can spruce up and email the links that pointed towards it. Look for ugly designed old sites as a great way to grab links and a plan for the content.
  2. Google – Again Really? Looking at the keyword planner you will find the level of content you need to make. What we mean by level is simply how in depth and large the piece of content needs to be in order to own that keyword. If you are competing against national brands then you will need an in depth thought leadership piece that will help you rise. The reason a larger piece or more in depth piece is needed is simply because you are going to have to gain more backlinks and SEO to that particular page of your site than the large brands currently have. If you are going against a less competitive keyword then you won’t have to gain as much acceptance.
  3. Spyfu – Run your own site or a site in the keywords you are targeting through Spyfu, look on google webmaster tools, and look on Google Analytics. These are great places to find hidden gems that you could easily increase your rankings for by simply making a good piece of content and amplifying it.
  4. Ask your current customers – This may sound weird but I have seen to many times that you can ask a few of your top clients and ask them what problems you are solving for them and their language describes something you would have never thought of. You just plug that new language into a keyword tool and find some gems and go after them. They fit your current clients persona.

When you get a keyword that you want to target then add them into various groups. Take a few of the main keywords and run them to grab a few easy ones you can target within your content as well. There are great ways to write your content in order to make sure it gains the attention you are wanting.

Researching Content and “How To Guides”

There are a lot of types or styles of blog post that you can utilize in order to gain attention. Check out this post to find some great ideas.


3. Bullet Point List

Take Your Content and break it down into main pieces that you style as a bullet point list. Realize that most web copy is scanned, not read.

Breaking your writing into small pieces of digestable pieces then form it into a list, how to post, or your other creative type to gain the attention you deserve.

4. Talk To Your Audience Like You Talk

Don’t let the fact that your content will be viewed by “millions” change who you are. Write in your own voice and act like you are speaking to that local prospect we were talking about earlier. Even better is when you actually have someone in mind that you are talking to through your content. A personal touch is the new web.

5. Don’t Hype – Craft Your Lead In

Never hype something up or make it seem to good to be true. Just present your case and let the chips fall where they may.

Make sure you craft your initial Headline and first few paragraphs as you lead in.

Types of leads that perform well in content:

  • Fascinating story
  • Little-known fact
  • Contrarian viewpoint
  • Promise of information available nowhere else
  • Breaking news

Headlines are one of the most important piece in your content and having the initial information represented by the headline you offered is one of the most critical pieces you have to perform.

Think of your Content Marketing Headlines and Lead Ins like this:
  • When you are looking through or scanning through content you normally got there because of the headline.
  • You look for that point first and based on that you will know whether you trust the author, want to read more, and if it is really good you bookmark it
  • Content that you read more than once has in depth points that you have to think through and can’t just scan – that is the ultimate goal

Actionable Important Information

When you are crafting the final steps of your piece of content, realize that you want to make the content actionable. The entire piece of content needs to have action steps or be leading to the solution of the problem that is written out in the content.

Put your most important information first but tell a story. The flow needs to make you want to get to the next part. This can sound hard but it is simpler than it seems.

It just means that you edit, and then you edit, and then you edit some more. Write in simple “burst.” This is where you craft out the idea and then draw a few supporting sentences to support that main topic. At the end just leave the small simple cliffhanger mentioning something towards the end of your piece.

You obviously can’t add these in until you have the entire piece flushed out.

6. Design – Edit – Design

This is where we spend most of the time on our projects. It takes a ton of time to take content and then make it into a designed piece. Design the landing pages. Design the eBook or post itself.

We often use piktochartand build the entire piece of content like it was an infograph. If we want that piece then into an eBook we simply download it from piktochart as blocks. This comes out as a PDF and is perfect for having as a guide or eBook download.

7. Amplification of Content Is Content Marketing

When you have your perfect piece of content then you have to make sure others see it. This means you have to pitch them on the content.

You can always email the entire PDF out. We first often make a few blog post that we can offer as guest post on various blogs. We use buzzstream to look up a list of blogs around our content, reach out to the writers of those blogs, and then offer them the guest post. We also offer in the email that they can just link to the guide.

Reaching out to journalist and writers can be a daunting task. As we talked about in our Strategy Guide, we have completed a tedious process to make sure we have the right connections.

Here is how we came to getting those connections.

We started with various freelance websites. We posted jobs with our template found above and asked that the responders provide the type of links they can get, the website they can get it from, and several samples where they have gotten those links.

We also asked what the approval percentage was for that medium (site) and how we could contact them ongoing in order to make sure we gained approvals before payment incurred.

We then ran analysis using Moz on the website linked from the medium and on the linking page itself and took into account the ranking factors of each site.

We then doubled this process by running press releases that only stated we are looking for journalist and writers. Our goal was not to get the press release published but to gain contacts from writers that fit what we are doing.

We then interviewed this group of people. This was the freelancers and the journalist and found out how to create content that would improve our approval ratings from their mediums.

We found out exactly what type of content each journalist, freelancer, and site wanted and what categories they published in.

This resulted in some Thought Leadership Findings for our business in the process in which we create content and how we research content for our clients.

We then expanded our search for journalist, writers, and freelancers by doing more press releases and job postings. We ran classified ads in newspapers while emailing various authors that had posted previously.

We struck GOLD.

There are the simple 7 steps we follow to make sure each piece of content we produce gains the authority we know it should. This also insures that the content gets the readers it needs and that we “own” the keywords we went after with that content.

Check Out Our Complete Guide To Gain Even More Tips And Exact Templates We Use To “Own” A Keyword

Content Marketing Playbook

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